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2009-05-03 19:19:36 by bladerunner627

I'll probably start submitting more bootlegs and remixes now than I will original tunes simply because the original tunes I'm working on won't be ready for a release for quite a while still.

As always though, I post all my work regardless of whether or not it's good, whether it's finished or w/e but I'm holding back as much as I can on my latest original tunes.

Also, I'm thinking of doing something neat that everyone can benefit from. I'll be releasing the sources to my tracks a few months after their release, unfortunately I don't have the sources to all the tracks I've ever put up but I'll release it for the more recent ones in the coming months.

I don't plan to ever profit off of my tunes, simply because I do this on my free time and don't have time to 'schedule' releases and such. I make tunes for fun, for me, and others so they hopefully they enjoy it. If you don't like my stuff sorry :P.



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