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2009-12-23 05:16:55 by bladerunner627

So uh, what's with the severe lack of liquid on Newgrounds? I feel so lonely ;(


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2009-12-31 15:17:30

It's all about da techno bro lololol

Jokes, no idea :(

I like liquid but I can't produce it for shit, I just stick to my Neurofunk-esque area in production >_>


2010-01-06 13:43:08

I'll second Mid NIght. I love liquid and am slowly getting the hang it it, but I wouldn't for the life of me submit it on NG. It would get 4s for being repetitive and long and not enough amen break.

Been browsing through your stuff today. You got some big tunes buried in the NG database. I would've expected those tracks to be on liquicity or something. They need a bit better mastering though. :3

But yeah, 2 thumbs from me man. You've got some talent.

(Updated ) bladerunner627 responds:

Yeah I've only recently gotten better at mixing hehe. Stereo-imaging is especially tough on headphones, I need to buy some KRK monitors asap lol.

You've got massive talent as well :) hopefully Ackute's podcast will get us some publicity hehe.

Also I've heard quite a few of your tracks and been meaning to give you some reviews but I've been really busy lately haha. I'll get around to it though don't worry :P


2010-01-07 17:11:04

Mmm... @Mid-Night, it's the other way around for me :|


2010-01-09 02:23:16

Probably because 70% of people dont know what liquid is, 10% of people think your talking about dancing, and 19% just arent good at it so they dont try. It always reminds me of 90's jungle so i am a big fan and am currently working on a couple pieces. BTW your percussion samples are fricken delicious and I am jealous. Whats the source for most of them? Just random here and there? I wouldnt believe you if you said self recorded.

bladerunner627 responds:

Oh, various places. It would be very nice if there was one place to go to get all your samples, hehe. As far as my drums go I've bought a few sample packs namely the Vengeance Essentials Club Sounds 2 and 3, some of the Hospital Record's sample packs.

I've also picked up a bunch of random packs put together by folks on the DOA forums and The Declassified Breaks Pack is excellent, it's got a bunch of breaks though really dirty as most of them aren't really processed. I actually prefer my breaks unprocessed, gives you more to work with.

I'll usually make my beats with single hits and shuffles until everything sounds nice, then I sometimes take a break of some sort... hi-pass, chop, eq and layer it on top of everything else to "fill out" the beat. It's a very subtle addition and you usually don't notice it unless you mute the track. In other words, you can't pick it out as a whole but it makes a significant difference.


2010-01-09 11:25:07

A majority of people on newgrounds have bad or undeveloped tastes in music. That's the way it is, my songs don't get as much attention as shitty, generic preset-filled dance songs whose creators whore themselves out on the forums and constantly pump out cock-sucking reviews. You just have to keep working, rely on self-satisfaction, and hope that eventually someone good notices you (you have been noticed and have a good amount of fans! don't give up!)


2010-02-07 16:30:28

oh dude I am working on a liquid tune with alexco ;) you are not alone


2010-03-06 12:12:55

Hey man, I've been uploading Liquid Dubstep, if your interested.


2010-03-07 16:57:56