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Posted by bladerunner627 - March 25th, 2010

Here's an exclusive guest mix I did for Spinn's show (The Cycle) on BassDrive.com which aired on March, 22, 2010.

Link: Terminal Sessions

Check Spinn's site out at 170bpm.net

Tracklist for Terminal Sessions hosted by InKa:

Sam Sparro - Black and Gold (Komatic Remix)
Dan Marshall, Prime8 - Junglejazz (D Kay Remix)
Lenzman - Emeralds feat. Jo-S
Lenzman - Mesmerized
Mage - If I Could
SpectraSoul - Alibi
Clarity - Mistaken
Netsky - Everyday
Screamheads feat. Camila Andrade - Under the Sun (Bungle Remix)
La Roux - In for the Kill (Calculon Bootleg)
Micken feat. Cityboy - Dreaming You
Michael Jackson - Butterflies (A-Sides Remix)

Posted by bladerunner627 - March 11th, 2010

Thank you Tom and the rest of the NG crew for the front-page I received last week for Rhode Waves! It really made a difference. When submitting Rhode Waves it seemed as if the overall reception my tunes had been receiving was low, but it seems to have taken a turn for the better :)

During the past month or so I decided to change my alias to InKa. My previous artist alias was Bladezor but that is more of a gaming alias and doesn't really fit as an artist name in general.

Changing your alias is never an easy thing, especially if you've associated all of your works online to it but I felt strongly that it needed to be done at least before the possibility (not to sound pretentious) my name and work gets out there. Changing my name also had to do with the fact that I wanted to disassociate myself with a lot of my really old tunes which, in my honest opinion, sucked.

Hopefully I'm not violating any Newground's Terms of Use (I read through it) but I registered a new account. I don't know whether or not I'll be transferring my tunes to it or not, especially considering it probably has to go through the whole Audio Portal submission process. I should probably PM a mod about that.

Alright, so until my new Newgrounds account is straightened out here's some of my updated info:
Soundcloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/inkadnb
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/inkadnb
AIM: inkadnb

The only thing I have up on YouTube is Rhode Waves but the audio volume is jacked... Apparently there's a bug in the Windows Live version of Windows Movie Maker that cuts the volume in half for M4A audio so I'll need to re-upload that video soon using something else. And for those asking: why M4A? It has a higher sound quality to size ratio than MP3 and it's supported by YouTube. I had previously tried to upload a 720p video using an MP3 @ 320kbps but after YouTube had processed the video the audio was coming through at a measly ~96kbps.

Be sure to check out the Soundcloud as I've got a remix on there.

Now it's time for some good news! In the coming weeks I'll be releasing the source to Memories. I haven't decided how I'm going to package it up but it's likely going to be either an FL Studio .zip packaged project or I'm going to render each instrument as a separate .wav track for those who don't have FL Studio. Another problem with the former is that I don't expect everyone to have all the same VSTs as I. I may opt for both, we'll see.

*Phew* time to stop talking.... need to finish this 15 page report :X.

Posted by bladerunner627 - December 23rd, 2009

So uh, what's with the severe lack of liquid on Newgrounds? I feel so lonely ;(

Posted by bladerunner627 - August 7th, 2009

QuakeCon is in a few days, yay :).
I'm getting a new computer right before it too, I've been working and gaming on my laptop, it's time for a beefy system.

Maybe this will solve all my ASIO problems I've been having, not to mention rendering one of my tracks takes a good 10 minutes because of my lame processor.

I don't feel like re-installing FL and my VSTs though, ugh...

Posted by bladerunner627 - May 3rd, 2009

I'll probably start submitting more bootlegs and remixes now than I will original tunes simply because the original tunes I'm working on won't be ready for a release for quite a while still.

As always though, I post all my work regardless of whether or not it's good, whether it's finished or w/e but I'm holding back as much as I can on my latest original tunes.

Also, I'm thinking of doing something neat that everyone can benefit from. I'll be releasing the sources to my tracks a few months after their release, unfortunately I don't have the sources to all the tracks I've ever put up but I'll release it for the more recent ones in the coming months.

I don't plan to ever profit off of my tunes, simply because I do this on my free time and don't have time to 'schedule' releases and such. I make tunes for fun, for me, and others so they hopefully they enjoy it. If you don't like my stuff sorry :P.


Posted by bladerunner627 - February 21st, 2009

I've got a few tunes lined up, experimenting some new techniques. As always I'm keeping it liquid and chill for the most part.

Posted by bladerunner627 - July 8th, 2008

I won't be posting much news here you can check out my official blog at www.JonathanBastnagel.com.

As always I'll be posting my music, etc here.


Posted by bladerunner627 - September 9th, 2007

I stayed up all night yesterday working on Friday Night Chill, I've been getting into the jazzy styled D&B lately.

It's been pretty fun working on this song, I hope you guys will like it once it's completed.

I'll probably experiment with some Funk later ;)